[nycphp-talk] OT: EditPlus

Chris Shiflett shiflett at
Fri Feb 14 14:16:09 EST 2003

--- "Freedman, Tom S." <tfreedma at> wrote:
> I can't say enough good things about UltraEdit, which sounds like a
> competitor for EditPlus (which I've never used).  It's definitely a
> winner, though.

I've used both, and EditPlus doesn't come close to UltraEdit. EditPlus is
probably superior to Macromedia stuff, FrontPage, and other editors with more
fluff than features. If you're wanting a "Windows-friendly" editor, you'll be
hard-pressed to find an equal to UltraEdit.

He's also working on a Linux version, so the large number of programmers who
keep a Windows box around just to run UltraEdit can get rid of it. :-)


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