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Fri Feb 14 14:55:34 EST 2003

Excellent!  I just recently installed Linux on my laptop (yes, up till now
I've been programming PHP on Windows (with SQL Server for the DB)... so now
I'm going LAMP for experimentation purposes and I was trying to figure out
what editor to use.  I've been using Quanta just 'cause it came with the

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> I can't say enough good things about UltraEdit, which sounds like a
> competitor for EditPlus (which I've never used).  It's definitely a
> winner, though.

I've used both, and EditPlus doesn't come close to UltraEdit. EditPlus is
probably superior to Macromedia stuff, FrontPage, and other editors with
fluff than features. If you're wanting a "Windows-friendly" editor, you'll
hard-pressed to find an equal to UltraEdit.

He's also working on a Linux version, so the large number of programmers who
keep a Windows box around just to run UltraEdit can get rid of it. :-)


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