[nycphp-talk] RIP problem on Linux Box...

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Fri Feb 14 15:58:56 EST 2003


	Perhaps you could just set the linux box's gateway to be a
machine/router that does keep up to date with network changes?  This begs
the question, why doesn't the linux box's current gateway know about these

	Isn't this typical?  Ask one question and get three in return ;)


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> Hi all,
> I don't know if it's OK to post this message here but I've the feeling
> that
> some of the Linux gurus in this list might help me.
> Personally, I'm not a brilliant system admin but I can read and learn. My
> problem is that a linux box which stays behind our firewall doesn't seem
> to
> catch RIP announcements from a VPN Server (win2k)  upon client connections
> whereas all other win boxes do.
> I've googled the RIP protocol and found that I need to run gated or routed
> to catch RIP announcements on the network. Is there any other simple way
> to
> make a linux box catch those (which doesn't necessitate gated or routed,
> since I'm not going to use it as a router or gateway, I only want it to
> update it's routing table) or is it necessary to run a routing deamon?
> Any docs, urls, suggestions are highly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kerem Tuzemen
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