[nycphp-talk] Single forum userbase for multiple sites ?

Chris Snyder chris at
Fri Feb 21 15:23:02 EST 2003

Ophir Prusak wrote:

>Hi All,
>I'm trying to setup some forums on multiple sites such that you'll only need
>to sign-up once and will have access to the forums on all the sites.
>Each site needs to have full control of it's forums, so having them all
>share the same forums installation won't really work for me.
>Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on the best way to go about doing
>this ?
>It can be using any "standard" forums package (like phpBB, inovision, etc).

I was going to do this for sites that I manage, but decided not to due 
to privacy concerns.
I can see how it would be very convenient, however. I'm sure some folks 
have already done it.

If you wanted to roll your own you could do it by redirecting the user 
to a central authority that would check the user's credentials and then 
redirect them back to the remote site with an encoded login key in the 

Probably better ways?


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