[nycphp-talk] Single forum userbase for multiple sites ?

Steve Manes smanes at
Sat Feb 22 08:18:48 EST 2003

At 03:05 PM 2/21/2003 -0500, Ophir Prusak wrote:
>I'm trying to setup some forums on multiple sites such that you'll only need
>to sign-up once and will have access to the forums on all the sites.
>Each site needs to have full control of it's forums, so having them all
>share the same forums installation won't really work for me.
>Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on the best way to go about doing
>this ?

I think you would have to set up a registration authority.  Each forum 
would have its own nonpersistent cookie.  When you enter a forum, you would 
enter your global username/password, which you've set up on the 
registration server.  A background process would run verification against 
the registration server (protected HTTP/Curl, SOAP/XML or maybe something 
akin to a DNS query like the RBLs use) and return a go/no go.  If go, the 
forum sets a cookie.  If no go, you're thrown to the registration server to 
create an account after X numbers of tries.

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