[nycphp-talk] How to add lines or other drawings on top of jpeg image?

Mark Armendariz nyphp at
Mon Feb 24 13:10:21 EST 2003

GD is a great tool, but I found it to be pretty resource intensive en masse.
If you're doing a lot of images, like watermarking for uploads on a members
site, I would recommend ImageMagick if you have it available.  I'm not sure
if it comes with regular server setups but it's been at most LAMP hosts I've
worked with.


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Be sure to read the comments as well.

After you open your jpeg, you can use all the image functions to create your
lines and text.


On Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:11:51 -0500
Elena Zagrai <ny_elena at> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I've got a jpeg file and I need to add some drawings
> and text on top of it. I can put the text on (with a
> regular html div box ), but I'm still struggling with drawings. I have 
> GD libraries installed. I would appreciate your help, guys...
> Thanks,
> Elena
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