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has/is some one work(ed/ing) with pear? i managed to install pear but since i didnt know i had to change the include_path in php.ini, the pear installation has installed pear in the c:\\php4win\\ where i have the rest of the stuff from the but it has created a new c:\\php4 and has a 'pear.ini' in it, nothing else. since the installation after completion adviced me to add c:\\php4win\\pear to the include_dir and the c:\\php4win\\ to the PATH, i changed the php.ini settings. now a <? php_info(); ?> displays include_path as .;c:\\php4win\\;c:\\php4win\\pear.

do i need to move the pear.ini to somewhere other than c:\\php4? i am asking this cos a 'pear help' on the commandline spitted out bad command of file name, command not found....

wots to be done, someone tell me plz

and wot does this mean?
<form name="grabber" action="<?= $PHP_SELF ?>" method="post">
<select name="rdf_source" onchange="window.document.grabber.submit()">
 <option value="1"<?php if( 1 == $rdf_source ) echo " selected"; ?>>Slashdot</option>
 <option value="2"<?php if( 2 == $rdf_source ) echo " selected"; ?>>Freshmeat</option>
 <option value="3"<?php if( 3 == $rdf_source ) echo " selected"; ?>></option>
 <option value="4"<?php if( 4 == $rdf_source ) echo " selected"; ?>>Swell Mob</option>
i dont understand the values given to the option. the script isint working anyway :-( ...


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