[nycphp-talk] Denying multiple logins to restricted pages

Jim Hendricks jim at
Thu Feb 27 08:09:02 EST 2003

I had to deal with this whole situation a couple years ago with an ASP app,
but the principle should work with PHP.

At login the users loginID, SessionKey, and login time were added to a login
table.  The Session timeout was set to 3 minutes.  Each page in the system
contained a hidden frame with a page in it which was set to refresh at 2
minutes.  The refresh would update the login table for this user and session
to the current time and redeliver the same page, but this activity acts as a
heartbeat keeping the session alive. Since it's in a hidden frame, it does
not affect the active page.  This also has the affect of allowing a user to
stay on a page as long as necessary and not get arbitrarily timed out ( they
had one form in the system which took over a half hour to fill out ).

When a login attempt is made and an entry is found for that loginID the
current time is compared to the last activity time.  If the difference is
more than 4 minutes, the connection is assumed dead, the log entry is
archived, and a new entry created for this login.  If the login entry is
still considered active( user shut down the browser without using our logout
feature & right away attempts to log back in ) the user is provided a
message indicating that there is a current session for that userID also with
a message explaining that if that session was an improperly logged out
session from the same user than the login would be unlocked within 5

Hope I recalled enough of the details to be useful, it has been a while
since I've needed this type of functionality.


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> Well that's why there's a script that resets the expired sessions after a
> given amount of time.  Unfortunately the user has to wait the time or
> contact the admin to reset their profile.  When I did this for a client's
> intranet (it was cf based, but same concept) I had a "reset user" section
> (with a dropdown of users) in the super user account and manager accounts.
> Fortunately out of the 75 users who used the system regularly, I only got
> the reset a session request about twice a week or less.  On another
> IP addresses had to be registered, but all those users only logged in from
> their desks, and it was directly tied to the network admin's dhcp list
> was a fun one).
> It's very hard to control crashed sessions, unfortunately, which I feel is
> serious downfall of browsers as they should allow for application plugs,
> imo.  I'm dying to hear of better solutions though :)
> Mark
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> what happens when something wrong with a session, how do he/she login in
> again?
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> Hi All,
> I'm creating a site that requires people to register and login for access
> certain pages. I want to stop users from giving out their
> to other people by denying access to more than one person using the same
> username at the same time.
> I have a few ideas in my head, but would really like to hear from others
> that may have already tackled this problem and what solution they came up
> with.
> Also, I'm still debating what to do when I find out that indeed two (or
> more) people are trying to use the same username.
> Do I deny the latest attempt ?
> Do I accept the latest attempt and then reject requests from all other
> people using the same username ? etc.
> Ophir
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