Using PHP on Linux with Oracle

Peter Balogh palexanderbalogh at
Thu Feb 27 15:07:38 EST 2003

We've had good experiences with our LAMP server but recently ran into a
snag involving Oracle. We downloaded and installed the 800-meg software
bundle from Oracle, which is supposed to allow direct communication
between a PHP script and an Oracle database. (The client libraries were
not divisible from the entire bundle--hence the massive install.)  

We recompiled Apache and PHP using the recommended flags for Oracle
installation.  When we execute our Oracle-accessing PHP scripts using
the PHP command line interpreter, they work fine.  When we try to
access those same scripts as web pages, they work not at all.  Error
messages say that "OCI functions are not found."

Our PHP/Apache/Linux installers came straight from the Red Hat 7.2
package.  Are we running afoul of version problems?  Is there some
trick to installing the Oracle client software?

Please share your experiences...


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