[nycphp-talk] Using PHP on Linux with Oracle

Ian Forsyth ian at
Thu Feb 27 17:30:48 EST 2003


I use php as a dynamic module in apache, in version previous to 4.3 to 
compile the apache module in the configure command.. you needed to 
include --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs if you did not include that, i 
believe just the binary would be compiled.. meaning your newly compiled 
php with the oracle library might only be in /usr/local/bin/php and not 
in /usr/local/apache (or where ever the module ends up.. )

I only have experience with dynamically loading the php module, not 
compiling the php module into apache.. But if you can run the oracle 
extension from the command line, and not with apache.. it might have 
something to do with not compiling a new apache module only the binary..


On Thursday, February 27, 2003, at 12:07  PM, Peter Balogh wrote:
> We recompiled Apache and PHP using the recommended flags for Oracle
> installation.  When we execute our Oracle-accessing PHP scripts using
> the PHP command line interpreter, they work fine.  When we try to
> access those same scripts as web pages, they work not at all.  Error
> messages say that "OCI functions are not found."

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