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Kayra Otaner kayraotaner at
Fri Jan 3 12:22:31 EST 2003


There are two simple ways to have more free memory for your scripts :

1- You can increase memory limit from 8 Mb to any amount in php.ini file.
2- You can use 'unset()' function to unset unused variables right after you use them.

I've been working on a log parser to parse almost 1Gb web server logfile everyday. Using 'unset()'
helped me a lot.

--- "Nunez, Eddy" <enunez at> wrote:
> This is in reference to the standard memory limit for server PHP scripts,
> which is 8MB.
> My question is...
> is there any function to query available free space in the memory pool?
> I have searched through and found nothing useful.
> Thanks,
> -EN
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