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You can exchange from PHP to Javascript but not vice-versa.

If that is what you want, by all means do it.

Otherwise, you have to try something else.

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--- Dan Horning <dan at> wrote:
 > With what can we help you?

Ick, the mail parser has been stricking out lately, sorry folks (someone
change the RFC again? :)  I've included the original message below, with
Tracy's attached files available online as noted.


 > <paralist>This message contained 2 file(s) and is available at
 > Hi,
 > I am tring to sort the table that shows the contents in my user table. i
 > haev been able to sort on the basis of age and gender. i have tried for
 > name but if i use the persent syntax, i get only their first names 
 > title (MR. or MRS or MS) is chopped off. i want to know if its possible 
 > arrange as: Mrs. A, Mr. B, Ms. C instead of wot i have now : just  A, B, 
 > also i am unsure as to how i have the sorting functions called. i thought
 > including it as buttons in the table header and invoke onClick. but i 
 > know how to switch from php to _javascript ie mix the two and exchange
 > values. the second option was to try to use links to re-load the page
 > ($php_self).
 > which would be better, can any one suggest an optimum method to achive 
 > desired results?
 > Regards,
 > Tracy

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