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The Newsletter / Web Site I'm scraping is on an intranet, the recipients are outside the firewall on the internet.

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Why not read it in to a buffer, and then parse the href or src to add the 
server doc root url in front?  What do you think?


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While the fsockopen / scrape issue is hot...

I have a Newsletter mailing script that uses fsockopen to do just as you 
Scrape a url and mail the contents to a list of recipients.

The only problem is that if I mail this to a user that doesn't have access 
to the original url, the resultant email will contain only text with errant 
referances to the images.  This is because the
email merely contains hrefs and src's back to the original server.

Is anyone aware of how to scrape and grab content and mail it so that the 
email is wholey contained and independent of the original url/server?


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