LWE Wrap Up and Book Raffle Winners

Hans Zaunere hans at
Fri Jan 24 21:34:40 EST 2003

Good evening,

I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by the UNILUG/NYPHP booth.  It was
great meeting all of you, some old, many new.  If our booth at LWE is any
indication, PHPCon should be fantastic.  After a couple of weeks, we plan to
get PHPCon planning underway.  There's a lot to be done, but I think with the
support we've seen so far, there should be no problem, and if anyone wants to
lend a hand, there's tons to be done.

And of course a big thanks to Daniel, Daniel, Michael, Adam and Fil for
helping out with everything over the last couple of days.

We have three book raffle winners:

-- David Chan
-- Peter Lehrer
-- Carl Romano

We will bring the books to our next meeting, this Tuesday, 1/28/03 at 6:30pm.
 If you can't make it Tuesday, please let me know, and we can try to work
something out.

Best Regards,

Hans Zaunere
President, New York PHP
hans at

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