[nycphp-talk] Bulletin Major Internet vulnerability discovered in e-mail protocol

Hans Zaunere hans at
Mon Mar 3 18:41:54 EST 2003

--- Chris Shiflett <shiflett at> wrote:
> You have to love headlines like that:
> "Major Internet vulnerability discovered in e-mail protocol"
> So, are we to assume that a vulnerability was found in the Internet
> (whatever that means)? Or, are we supposed to assume the vulnerability is
> in IMAP, SMTP, or POP?

Come on!

"Cyberspace is at risk once again as a horrible bug is eating it's way
through the Internet fabric, threatning millions of users and costing
billions of dollars."

Or at least that's how Dan Rather would put it :)

> This article is just talking about the sendmail vulnerability, if you can
> manage to read through the sensationalist BS. :-) It is definitely worth
> attention, however, and my systems are already patched.

Yes, I prefer alerts that aren't like reading a tabloid (albeit still not
that great):

or better yet:

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