[nycphp-talk] Setting up more than one version of PHP.

Tracy tech_learner at
Thu Mar 6 02:59:24 EST 2003

Yes, i have heard its possible. i remember reading about it in the read me text file in the zip of php4.3.1. if i remember right u r supposed to leave one dll in the installation dir n not move it to the windows. .. just refer 
BTW, i am on Windows 98, so u may need to check on that too 
 Nasir Zubair <lists at> wrote: Is it possible to run multiple versions of PHP on windows. I was wanting to
play around with PHP5 snaps, but couldn't set it up while trying to retain 4

BTW, I'm running 4.3.1 on XP Pro, as CGI with Apache 1.3.27



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