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i have a script (page1.php) where i select an id. this in turn calls the following script. (page2.php)
<head><title>Enter files</title></head>
include 'getdet.php'; (page3.php)
require 'uploadfiles.php'; (page4.php)
now in my getdet.php i have $rn = $_POST['RN']; and using this record number i query the mysql database for the person's credentials. my display is such that the getdet.php displays the credentials in a table followed by boxes to enter the files's location (something like the yahoo briefcase, i have scripted to upload 5 files at on time). now the problem is i need the RN value in a script called 'verifyfiles.php' (page5.php) which is called by the uploadfiles.php. i am able to get it using something like 
    <br><?$mrn = $_POST['MRN'];?>
 <input type="hidden" name="mrn" value="<?=$mrn;?>">
 <input type="submit" name="action" value="Upload Files" tabindex="11">
in uploadfiles.php

wot i want to know is if theres a better method to do this? the RN is set in the page1.php, passed to page3.php called in page2.php, and is also needed by page5.php (finally). now since page5.php is called by page4.php, at present i am including the RN in the page4.php as a hidden field. is there some way for the page5.php to get the value as page3.php does?

the second, that i am unable to do is, say the user wishes to upload more that 5 files, so he clicks on the upload more? link... i have <a href="view.php"> upload more? </a> in page5.php. when i tried, i got error "query failed". thats cos, view.php (page2.php) calls page3.php n thus needs a RN. do i change the scripts to use $_REQUEST instead of $_POST i am using now? in that case it would mean ?$RN appended. but any other beter options plz? 


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