[nycphp-talk] selecting/deleting all oldest entries in mysql.

Christopher R. Merlo cmerlo at
Mon Mar 10 23:48:36 EST 2003

On 2003-03-10 20:41 -0500, Nasir Zubair <lists at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I need to create a small logger, for our work place, that will log staff's
> IP addresses and host names. What I'm trying to do is to log last X accesses
> to an online helpdesk, 24 for example. 
> I'm having trouble coming up with a query to select/delete the oldest entry
> when a X+1st entry,  (25th for the above number), is inserted.
> Can anyone hint me on how to go about doing it?

Reliable method:  Have a datetime field in the table, and update that
with the current time every time somebody logs in.  Then you can just
do a "select * from my_table order by name_of_datetime_field" and pull
off the first (last?) entry.

Unreliable method:  If you just do a "select *", things tend to show
up in the order they were inserted.  So, just take the last one.


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