Memory Issue

Tom O'Neill tommyo at
Tue Mar 11 12:16:15 EST 2003

Hello Everyone,

I have a question regarding objects and memory. I am designing an
application where I will be working with alot of information related to one
user. I am trying to use the tools I paid the big bucks for in college and
use object orientated programming.

Basically I have five objects Login, Customer, Team, Basket, and Order.
Each of these objects share a relationship on the login Id.  The team is a
group of another object "Player".

I want to store all of these objects in the session for the entire time the
user is logged into the site.  Do you think that this is to much overhead?
Do you think that I would have memory issues?  The site should see alot of
traffic and we are on one redhat server 1.3 ghz and 512mb.

What do you think?

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