NYPHP Slogan Contest

D C Krook dkrook at
Wed Mar 12 10:27:25 EST 2003

Good morning all,

NYPHP is announcing a contest of sorts to give our group a

There currently are no material incentives for contributing,
but if your submission wins, your work will be displayed on
the website and perhaps even on other group materials such
as the officially licensed thong

That said, what we're looking for in a slogan is something
that embodies our existence as the largest PHP user's
group in the New York metropolitan area, as well as our
aspiration to become a resource to the national PHP community.

We also want to express our commitment to being a resource
for the OS independent AMP technology suite (Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Please direct all submissions to slogan at

Thanks in advance for your help and good luck,


Daniel Krook
Director of Communication, New York PHP
krook at

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