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Thu Mar 13 14:28:49 EST 2003

here we go,
I have a class that is to be handling my sessions for me, allowing me to store sessions in a db
without the ini file doing int for me.basically I check to see if the session id is available in a cookie,
get ,or post variable. then if it is I check the database against the id variable if it finds the variable
in the db it's a valid session. if the script doesn't find the id in the db then a new id is created. here
where the problem is. for some reason the id in the cookie isn't found in the db so the script creates
a new id and puts it in the db and starts a session with the new id. when I go to refresh the page
the old cookie id is found and so instead of using the session that was started on the previous
page the script just creates a new one. I need to unset this cookie I think but not sure. 
thank you,
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