PHP sessions on IE Mac

Nestor Florez nestorflorez at
Thu Mar 20 11:28:15 EST 2003

I can make a web session expire by using some php's session_destroy() function.  The purpose of this is so that if you log out and then you hit the BACK button, you will not be able to see previous data.  This works great on the PC with IE, MOZILLA, NETSCAPE.

When in the Mac World,  MOZILLA and NETSCAPE handled this the correct way, but IE and Safari still show you the previous data.

I try unset to remove session variables but still I am able to see the data on IE and Safari on the Mac.

The actual php site is located on an W2K platform.

The IE on Mac is IE 5.2 for the Mac

Any ideas on how to stop the data from displaying on IE Mac?


Nestor :-)

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