register_globals = On

Rudy rudy at
Fri Mar 21 19:32:31 EST 2003

I built a web application several years ago that is still very much alive
and well now.  My server environment has always been Linux, Apache,MySQL,
and PHP.  I just recently install PHP and MySQL on a Windows 2000 server
running IIS.  After moving some code over I discovered the PHP.ini file and
its use of the register_globals flag.  I now realize that I have created
considerable code that relies on this flag being on.  My concern is about
the security exposure with globals on.

I have relied on the globals in two areas, Session variables and Post data
from forms.  With session variables I used session_register, and with Post
data I simply expected to have PHP make the variables available to me
without having to step through the $HTTP_POST_VARS array.

For me to migrate the Session variables to $_SESSION['element'] would be
work, but doable.  To handle all the Post vars is another story.

Has anyone else been faced with this issue and if so how did you address it.


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