[nycphp-talk] merchant account referrals?

Jerry Kapron nyphp at
Fri Mar 21 23:35:57 EST 2003

I've used a few different solutions, but I'd recommend LinkPoint.  They have
a secure API and a nice PHP wrapper class.  Tony Shap is a pretty technical
sales rep there. Call him at 800-456-5989 ext.5042.  If you decide to go
with them, please mention NEW AGE WEB MEDIA (store # 580549).  I should get
a couple of bucks for referring you.

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Subject: [nycphp-talk] merchant account referrals?

>Does anyone have any merchant account referrals?
>Building small ecommerce site (one product) but client insists on
>automated real-time processing.
>Deidra McIntyre
>Red Ibis Hosting
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