[nycphp-talk] Voting Program

David Sklar sklar at
Mon Mar 24 14:16:56 EST 2003

On Monday, March 24, 2003 12:32 PM, jessica kelly wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm looking for a program (PHP or Perl) that could handle a
> student Election at the College I work at.
> I have a Win server running PHP, Perl, MySQL & Apache.
> I would like to validate a voter against the DB using a 7 number
> Student ID before the voting is allowed or this could also be
> done upon submission of the vote. Due to the fact that most
> students will vote while on campus I can not use IP logging to
> see if they have voted before.
> There would be 5 positions and approx. 2-5 candidates per position.
> Does any one know of or previously used a program out there that
> might fit the bill or be modified?

This might be overkill, but the SINAPSE project ( has
an elections module and is specifically tailored towards campus elections.


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