Call For Hardware

Hans Zaunere hans at
Wed Mar 26 11:43:15 EST 2003

Good morning,

First, thanks to Sterling Hughes and everyone who came out last night.  We're
sorry it's always so crowded, but we're looking for ways to remedy this in
the future.  Nevertheless, apologies to those who came and found
standing-room only.

New York PHP is working on putting another box online to support our
community's development and rapid growth.  Most aspects of putting the box
online are complete, however we are accepting some hardware.  If anyone has
spare hardware they'd like to donate, or is aware of discounted hardware,
we'd welcome any of the following:

-- CD-ROM (any IDE based drive will do)
-- SCSI Controller Card ( >=Ultra160 )
-- Hard drives
   -- Modern IDE  ( >=60gb and >=Ultra DMA 100 )
   -- Modern SCSI ( >=18gb )
-- Modern 10/100 Ethernet card (Intel preferred)
-- 184-pin DDR DIMM

If you can help out in any way, please contact me, hans at  And if
you have any other stuff laying around that you think may be useful, feel
free to contact me as well (like a RAID controller laying around :)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone,

Hans Zaunere
President, New York PHP
hans at

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