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i have a small problem in charting in Excel 2000. sorry for posting it here but i hope some one has used it to consolidate their work....

i have 4 columns of data, ( all are numbers). i need to set col2 n 3 as y axes and col 4 as the secondary axis as its on a diff scale. but i am not able to set the secondary axis option. i followed the instructions i found in "Excel 2002: The complete reerence"(pg:313) which are as under:
To get sec axis, take these steps:
1. Ensure that the values in col A are text not nums.
2. Select thedata on the worksheet. (select A1:C10)
3. Use chart wizard to create a column chart.
4. If u can see the sec dta series on the chart, select it by clicking.
5. choose Chart | Chart type. Set the selected data series to a line chart type. click ok
6. Select the sec data series again. Choose Format | Selected data series
7. on  the axis tab, select sec Axis
8. Click OK.
Step 1 ok. i change the format of the cells to text... but from step4 onwards, i am left out cos i can *see* any such thing as described. i have Excel 2000, does any one use 2002? if so can u plz check if the foll data from the book works so that i can conclude that 2000 doesnt support the feature? or if 2000 does, then how do i make use of it? this test data (shown in the book) doesnt work either, leave alone "my" data...
Year | Housing Starts | Median price
1994 |                 440 | $ 70,210   (this is the format, col1 is text, 2 is right aligned so must be either general or integer not mentioned explicitly, n 3 is curreny formatted)
1995 | 336 | 70932
1996 | 229 | 71251
1997 | 215 | 86232
1998 | 335 | 88303
1999 | 265 | 95120
2000 | 296 | 102331
2001 | 357 | 115687
2002 | 345 | 133224

Apologies again,

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