[nycphp-talk] generating a post request from the command line

Chris Snyder chris at
Thu Mar 27 14:08:13 EST 2003

tom at wrote:

>cat file_with_vars.txt | lynx http://mysite/myscript.php -post_data
>with the vars in the file in key value pairs like:
>address=123 street
>Can anyone confirm this?
This is true, it works. Unfortunately it cuts off the request when it 
sees ----, which makes it unsuitable for my purpose (which is to pass a 
multi-part email to php for parsing).

I'll look into p5-libwww as Michael Sims suggested.

Maybe a more specific question to ask is how do *you* email-enable your 
PHP web apps?

I was planning on using procmail to pass the entire message to PHP via 
post. Am I barking mad? I suppose I could use imap functions and a 
crontab to check a mailbox every few minutes and process new messages, 
but that sounds more complicated and storage intensive.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

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