php include file question

Deidra McIntyre lists at
Mon Mar 31 12:52:53 EST 2003


I'm breaking up my html site into includes (header, copyright, etc.).
Within the HTML documents that call the include files, I have the
appropriate php tags (i.e. <? include("copyright.html"); ?> . All of the
includes (i.e. copyright.html) are sitting in the same directory as my
html pages (i.e. index.html). PHP is installed.

So, why, no matter what I do, don't the include files parse into my
document? I have tried to changed the include extensions from .html to
.php to .inc. None parse. Most of my includes contain basic HTML (no php)
like <p>Copyright &copy; 2003. All Rights Reserved.</p>.

Am I doing something wrong? Or does my technician need to change something
in the server configuration (if so what)?


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