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> How does a candidate propose to overcome the language barrier?
Teaching a 10 year to do programming does test the limit of programming as a
language.  I believe the magic of programming is in action (writing a code)
and result (getting an actual response).  Common language, English, helps
but how to demonstrate that magic and have a child remember it for life is
the challenge.

If you are interested, I can refer you for further discussion.


> pswebcode, nyc wrote:
>> If you are still looking, I could help out here.
>> Briefly, I have been a webmaster, senior developer and
>> a desktop graphics specialist. I have tutored new users
>> on software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark,
>> and PowerPoint.
>> I have been told I am an excellent teacher. I prepare a
>> learning plan, provide tip sheets and teach shortcuts
>> and optimized techniques right up front.
>> I have 7 years of web programming and design experience.
>> Today, I actively program PHP, SQL, XML, JavaScript, CSS
>> and XHTML.
>> I maintain a website that has tutorials, research and
>> links on web topics. Contact me, if you would like to
>> discuss this further.
>> Warmest regards,
>> Peter Sawczynec, Technology Director
>> PSWebcode -- opensource programming
>> for the interactive web
>> psaw at
>> 718.543.3240  
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>> This is definitely an unusual request.
>> A friend's friend has a 10 year old who would like to learn web
>> programming for this summer.
>> If someone who would like to take up this challenge. Tutoring would
>> probably take 2-3 hours per session, 2-3 times a week during weekdays.
>> Teaching time is flexible and tutoring fee is open for discussion.  If
>> interested, please contact Randy at projectconsultants at or I
>> can forward it to him.
>> About the potential student:
>> He has been in the States for 3 months in Long Island City, NY, and is
>> just beginning to adjust to the language.  He had extensive English and
>> computer tutoring at the Pagan school in Harbin, China but his English
>> is not advanced enough to be taught in standard classroom level.  He
>> currently attends UNIS United Nations school but has problems because
>> his computer skills are at a higher level than his peers but the
>> language is a barrier.
>> Jackson Maio
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