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There is an organization based here in Colorado by the name of NACSE -

NACSE is non-profit, vendor-neutral and provides certification in many
areas such as networking, telephony, project management to name a few.
Although the name "national" appears in the name, there are NACSE
chapters in several countries including Japan, China, Singapore,
Australia, Canada... etc,

btw, NACSE did *not* pay me to say this  :)

This past year I've managed to get a LAMP training program started at a
division of a local community college here in Denver, with the
opportunity to earn a credential in Open Source venues such as [L]AMP.
We have scheduled a PHP and MySQL course for June 23 (see

You might shoot a quick email to Bob Kile, (cc'd) who's the Executive
Director of NACSE.


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Hi List,

Just wondering if there's any form of cert for PHP or AMP.  What do you
think in term or good/bad about the idea of cert in general?


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