[nycphp-talk] MySQL WHERE clause question

John Adair jadair at
Thu May 8 23:29:19 EDT 2003

"Select * Where Description Like 'ford %' or like '% ford' or like '% ford

the first like finds 'ford ' at the beginning of the description.
the second like finds ' ford' at the end of the description.
and the last like finds the word 'ford' within the body that is surrounded
by spaces.

I'm not the best at SQL though.

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This question concerns how to format a "WHERE" clause so that it only
finds those records that have a particular word buried within the text.
For example, if my WHERE clause has "DE_sDescription LIKE "%ford%" it
will return records that have the word "affordable" in the description
field. But if I remove the wild cards, then it doesn't find those
records that may have the word "ford" buried within a text (the text
runs 500 characters at the max).

Any pointers would be *greatly* appreciated.


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