[nycphp-talk] apache 1.3.27 install

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Mon May 12 22:49:07 EDT 2003


Which file are you trying to download and install?

I just tried the link for the apache 1.3.27 binary (MSI installer) and   
<<apache_1.3.27-win32-x86-no_src.msi.url>>  it worked for me.

off of this page


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> Hhmm, on an XP machine I am unable to open the install file.  It doesn't
> recognize the file type.  To top it off I am unable to see the file
> extension on the install and a number of the other files.  (I do have my
> setting in Windows Explorer to show all file types/extensions).
> Any recommendations on how to proceed?
> Thx,
> Aaron
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