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Sat May 17 21:37:52 EDT 2003

--- Susan Shemin < at> wrote:
> How secure is a MySQL database?


> I'm putting together a new site (with
> individual logins), and I want to market the site on the basis that their
> data will be secure, and no one can hack into it.  Can I say this with
> using MySQL?


That said, MySQL's security depends on proper setup and use of it's
permissions system, as is the case with any other database.  And, if you will
only be accessing the DB from the local system, set MySQL not to listen on a
public socket with the disable-tcp configuration option in my.cnf.

An advantage that MySQL has is it's Open Source development model.  While I
realize that some would suggest Open Source is a security weakness,
especially in MySQL's I don't think this is so.  There are thousands of eyes
on the MySQL codebase, constantly auditing it and trying to weed out any


> Susan
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