[nycphp-talk] Anyone ever have any luck with get_browser? soazine at
Fri May 30 12:55:26 EDT 2003

Well, maybe what I am trying to convey is this: I want to know if the user
has Javascript enabled on their browser; if they don't, then a submit
button appears, otherwise, it doesn't have to.  There is no clean
client-side solution to this dilemma; I've never seen successful
client-side plugin-enabling display handling ever done.


> I hope this gives a more thorough background of what I have done to try to
> determine the user's browser Javascript setting.

Of course, you realize, that just because a browser CAN use JavasCrap, 
doesn't mean the person has it enabled.  And that relying on JS for 
essential things can lead to your site being unusable for such people.  
See my rant at about 
this if you care.


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