[nycphp-talk] FoxPro FPT files

Marc Antony Vose suzerain at
Tue Jun 22 14:17:42 EDT 2004

Hi there:

I'm working with data from a museum archival database (PastPerfect) 
that was created in FoxPro.  I am not very familiar with FoxPro 
databases, and I am a little confused about what the different 
component files.

Each 'table' seems to have an associated .DBF file and sometimes .FPT 
file.  Initially, I was ignoring the .FPT files altogether, but there 
is some data that I need to parse out of this database that I can't 
find, and I am beginning to think that maybe it is stored in the .FPT 

The data I need to get to is generally longer description-type data, 
which I am not seeing in the DBF files.

So...first of I on the right track with trying to find my 
longer descriptions?  (I have to ask that, because I am not quite 
sure what .FPT files are used for...the MSDN reference refers to them 
as 'memo files', but I am not sure what that means.)

Secondly...anyone aware of a class or set of functions that can read 
these files?

Anything that could help clear up my confusion is welcome.

Marc Antony Vose

Always remember to pillage BEFORE you burn

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