[nycphp-talk] JRE 1.5 + Zend Studio 3.5?

Daniel Kushner kushner at
Wed Jun 23 14:58:59 EDT 2004

> does anyone know if you can use JRE 1.5 with the new Zend Studio?  i
> attempted to symlink it and it appears to stall (read decent reviews on
> 1.5 in Linux Format this week) and the Swing apps appear to (by miracle)
> run alot faster than previous runtimes.  however i beleive its still in
> beta ...

I would suggest sending an email to ide at (although they might
throw you to the online support system) ;)

> the studio seems to recognize all methods throw down from interfaces +
> subclasses for php5 smoothly now ... i also like the support for ssh - was
> this in previous versions?

The SSH is new in version 3.5 and a very welcomed feature !


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