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Tue Apr 5 17:01:18 EDT 2005

Chauncey Thorn |nyphp dev/internal group 
use| wrote:

>Thanks for posting my little project to this list.
>>calculate things such as 'people in your area' etc.
>good idea....
>Is there a formula for calculating population based on lat/long ?
>Thanks again
>Chauncey Thorn

This is an excellent resource for getting census data via zip code:

and this is a great zip code reference page (same site, master page):

and this page is a "must read" as it will save you many hours of hassle

andif you're  into playing with Google maps check out:

and of course for all the raw data you will need, it's Tigerline:

Hope this helps. There is alot of activity in this space right now, so 
we expect to see great things!

-=john andrews

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