[nycphp-talk] session size important?

csnyder chsnyder at
Thu Apr 21 14:57:38 EDT 2005

On 4/21/05, Daniel Krook <krook at> wrote:
>  I saw some example a few months back about
> about the space required by an application that had 20k of session data on
> the file system x number of users x 20 minute time out which brought the
> space needed to 2GB for a modest amount of users.

So the answer is, store as much as you need to, and no more.

But I'm still curious about the performance implications of
serialize() / unserialize() -- should large sessions be broken up into
many rows of a table, so that updates only touch one row and not the
entire structure?

It seems like if you had A LOT of data being stored in the session,
you would be better off putting it into a db and only reading/writing
the rows you need for a given request. Then the only thing stored in
$_SESSION would be the key(s) to those rows...

The disk size requirements don't go away, but processing might be more

Chris Snyder

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