[nycphp-talk] Re: Monitoring for Bounce Mail

Faber Fedor faber at
Thu Apr 28 23:27:00 EDT 2005

On 28/04/05 22:41 -0400, John Nunez wrote:
> Sorry, I just have a script that I wrote 2 years ago. It goes through a 
> database table 

We need to search through a database table!? Which one?  MySQL?  dbm?
Postgres?  Excel?  a text file?  WHAT?!?!

> of email addresses and transmits the newsletter to them. 
>  The only alteration I have made in the last two years is transmit in 
> batches. I don't use any software because some of the sign ups are via 
> email, http, user registrations via US Mail and the new one will be 
> straight from a desktop application.

You are not giving us (read: me) *any* information to help you.  

Going back to your initial posting, how do you expect anyone to give you
a regex to search email addresses when you never told us that the data
was in a database table (we still don't know what kind) for a script
that you wrote two years ago that I doubt anyone here knows about?

Are we supposed to read your mind?

Start here and RTFA

Once we know what you have and what you need, then maybe, MAYBE we can
help out.

Faber Fedor
Linux New Jersey, Inc.

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