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Mark Armendariz nyphp at
Wed Jan 5 04:43:03 EST 2005

Well, upon a quick somewhat inebriated research session, I found that gd2
has the capability to find the color of a pixel
(, which tells me
that you could probably write something in php to 'parse' an image for the
majority color with gd2.  Then again I tend to avoid gd due to how slow it
can be with php, but if gd does it, I'd imagine the functionality being
available with imagemagick and/or pnm. So, I suppose it's possible with php,
although probably slower than an 'outside' solution.


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> I recently came accross a new feature added by They allows
> the users to search images based on the color.
> They are using linux server and i hope it is done in php. Anybody has
> any idea how this is implemented. I don't think they are accessing the
> image files each and every time - they might be storing the color info
> in the db. Any idea how this can be implemented. This is not a
> requirement i'm facing - just curios.....
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