[nycphp-talk] Where does Zend's Development Environment find its PHP extensions?

Jayesh Sheth jayeshsh at
Fri Jan 7 13:48:31 EST 2005

Hello all,

Just recently did I get around to trying Zend's Development Environment 
(ZDE) from the CD distributed at the NYTCHP. So far it looks like a 
great product.

I was especially interested in learning about the integrated debugger, 
but ran into some problems with it.

Some background information:

 I chose to install ZDE with PHP5 support on Windows XP.
ZDE bundles a PHP 5 CGI binary stored in C:\Program Files\Zend\bin\php5
The integrated debugger uses this binary to parse and execute scripts, 
and to show their output

I was using the 'local debugger', not the 'server debugger'.

You can debug a file with the following contents to see which extensions 
the Zend PHP binary supports: <?php phpinfo(); ?>
The output of that file lists a whole bunch of extensions, but I could 
not find them anywhere in the C:\Program Files\Zend\ directory! (There 
was no 'ext' subdirectory' and there were no .dll files)

The php.ini file is also stored in the same location
The php.ini file contains only three lines:
zend_extension_ts=C:\Program Files\Zend\lib\php5\ZendDebuggerLocal.dll
session.save_path=C:\Program Files\Zend\tmp

I then tried to debug a file with a call to mysql_connect() but that 
resulted in the output of 'undefined function', so I am now trying to 
find out how I can make Zend's PHP binary support it.
It is probably compiled without MySQL support, but would swapping in 
another PHP CGI binary help? I was thinking it would not, because this 
seems to be a custom-built PHP binary.

Any thoughts on this?

Best regards,

- Jay

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