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Raj Shekhar rajlist at
Mon Jan 10 21:28:41 EST 2005

David Mintz wrote:
> Gee it must've been a worse sentence than I thought. My point is that they
> apparently have all these plugins that use all kinds of computational
> muscle to defeat comment-spamming, as opposed to the fairly new
> MoveableType style system, which relies on the TypeKey authentication
> service -- a modest PITA for the legitimate commenter, perhaps, but I have
> found it 100% effective and stopping comment spamming.

Have you used the blacklist feature of the WP ?  I am using it and it is 
quite good.  Yes they have plugins for filtering spam comments (IP 
blocking, checking against open proxies list, Bayesian filtering etc.) , 
however even the default blacklist is good enough to effectively catch 
90% of the spam appearing on my blog.

For those interested, the process is outlined at

Personally, I am strongly against registration (for either commenting or 
reading).  Some wikis require you to register before you can edit the 
pages. Isn't that silly ? Yes spam is the problem and registration is 
not the solution.

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