[OT] Re: [nycphp-talk] combatting comment spam [was: user cont ributed notes on]

Chris Bielanski Cbielanski at
Tue Jan 11 09:11:43 EST 2005

> David Mintz |nyphp dev/internal 
> group use| wrote:
> >Hmm, this is so interesting I'm glad we brought it up (-: I 
> >see your point[...]but OTOH it works (in my experience)[.]
> >
> Yes, that is exactly correct. You trust them because it is 
> convenient, 
> it appears to work, and they appear to be trustworthy. Isn't that how 
> government always starts? ;-)
> -=john andrews

...and trust - like freedom - carries with it the toll of "constant
vigilance," to paraphrase B. Franklin... ;)


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