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Interesting you would chose the word "sermon" :> hmmm. :P
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> Gentlemen,
> Thanks a million.
> For brevity's sake I didn't go into the approaches and techniques that I
> used last time, and it's reassuring to see that several things you advise
> are exactly the things I do (e.g., when you get to MySQL, first teach
> MySQL as MySQL independently, and then get into how PHP talks to MySQL).
> Of course, I'm still not settled on the mysql(i) curriculum question that
> brought me here, but what else is new?  With this as with so many other
> questions, you gather information, then make your own decision;  there's
> no one omniscient patriarch or omnipotent authority to tell you what to
> do. (Hmm, good sermon to put into one of my lectures (-: )
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