[nycphp-talk] how much to charge?

Greg Faber greg at
Tue Jan 18 16:35:24 EST 2005


I need some advice to find out how much I should charge for this 

I created this simple content-management app for my boss. It allows him 
to create "extranets" for clients and then post stills, movie clips and 
other documents to the extranets so the clients can view and approve 
them. It's been online for about a year now and I've made some 
improvements to it, because of feedback I got from users. It's got all 
the standard login forms, user creation forms, etc. It was also the 
first real app I ever built in php.

Anyway, there's a number of clients who like this extranet thing and 
have asked me to build them one too. My question is this, how much 
should I charge?

Knowing that I "developed" it while I was at work (though web 
programming is NOT the core of my work, it was more like a side 
project). It really wouldn't require me to do much more programming, 
just setting up their DB, phpmyadmin, etc, change the look a little bit 
(color scheme and so on). Also, some of the interested parties are 
"production companies" who budgeted over 100 Grand for some TV 
commercials, but also there's some individual artists (editors, special 
fx artists) who asked me to build them one too. So how much should I 
charge for the company, and how much should I charge the individual?

thanks for your input,

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