[nycphp-talk] xml -> mysql. Navicat?

Hans Zaunere lists at
Tue Jan 18 17:32:44 EST 2005

> I have about 1800 xml files I'd like to import to MySQL, but I seem to be coming
> up short on my googling.  Most roads lead to a product called Navicat, which
> looks MySQL-Frontish.  Has anyone used this?  Their demo looks decent enough.

I've used Navicat, although not for XML purposes.  It is a great product, and I've seen it recommended to customers for XML and MySQL.

> We don't need all the fields, and I do need to massage the data after the fact,
> but I was thinking of just doing a straight dump and managing all the content on
> the SQL side.  I have no problem writing a parser to only grab what I need, but
> it is a lot of content to go through, and phpMyAdmin 2.5.7 doesn't seem to have
> an XML import util.  We're using PHP 4.3.7.  Thoughts?

Yeah, phpMyAdmin is likely to fall short.  Depending on how much data it is, you could just load the whole dataset, and then manipulate it in SQL.  Other than that, Navicat should work well, or a quick PHP script to do it (maybe build a CLI version of PHP 5 just for this XML job?)

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