[nycphp-talk] how much to charge?

Josh McCormack joshmccormack at
Tue Jan 18 22:52:33 EST 2005

harvey wrote:

>> >Knowing that I "developed" it while I was at work (though web
>> >programming is NOT the core of my work, it was more like a side
>> >project).
>> You should look into who legally owns your work.  It may be the 
>> company and not
>> you the individual.
> If you developed the code at work while "on the clock", it is not yours. 
> It's a "work for hire" and the copyright belongs to your employer.

Sounds like you could probably sell this really well, and if you 
developed the thing "at work", perhaps as you were developing your 
programming skills, it probably was not done as well as you could do it 
now. I'd suggest you map out just what you want it to do, rebuild 
(stronger, faster, better), and make it really pretty. Sell, retire a 
millionaire, etc.


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