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Ophir Prusak prusak at
Wed Jan 19 01:02:05 EST 2005

Read the article folks :)

-- quote --
Streambase analyzes data without
storing it to disk, performing queries on data as it flows. Traditional
systems bog down because they first store data on hard drives or in main
memory and then query it,
-- end quote --

1. It isn't storing the data. period. it's just allowing you to query
it as it streams.
Think of a constant flow of stock market prices as a stream.
I'm guessing you can query something like:
Select * from stream where symbol = 'IBM' and price > 100;

2. this ISN'T a relational database. the title says "Relational
databases are great, but not for everything"

I think the term "database" is a bit misleading here, since most
people immediately think relational when they hear the term database.


On Tue, 18 Jan 2005 23:04:50 -0500, Josh McCormack
<joshmccormack at> wrote:
> Joseph Crawford wrote:
> > Very Interesting,
> >
> > also very expensive *ouch*
> >
> > i guess i really dont understand how this would work, i see it doesnt
> > store any data on a hard drive, but where does it store it? if it is
> > there for others to grab via stream it must be stored somewhere.  This
> > confuses me i guess :D
> >
> Pure speculation, but could be in memory (RAM), which is increasingly
> interesting option as price of RAM goes down.
> Josh
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