[nycphp-talk] if you were teaching PHP...

Joseph Crawford codebowl at
Wed Jan 19 13:17:37 EST 2005

i cannot really comment on this to tell you what you should do. 
However what i will do is tell you what would apeal to me from a
student perspective.

Everything i know i have taught myself, i have learned to use
phpmyadmin php etc..

I would like to see a course that would teach the basics of php, and
when time to go to mysql, focus on mysql for a while, talk about what
makes mysql stand out from the rest, teach them how to admin it from
the command line, then when all said and done show them phpmyadmin :D
and move on to more advanced php stuff.

command line is something i need to learn sometime soon lol and more
adv sql stuff.

Joseph Crawford Jr.
Codebowl Solutions
codebowl at

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